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Hoods Hoods Klan (HHK)

The Hoods Hoods Klan is a Ukrainian territorial defence unit which is currently combatting Russian troops. The HHK is composed of ultras from the Arsenal Kyiv Football Club. Their ultra movement is known to be politically involved, particularly alongside anti-fascist ideology. This armed resistance group is the only Ukrainian ultra movement with an official anti-racist, anti-fascist ideology.

Given the nature of hooliganism, the HHK ultras’ anti-fascist struggle was primarily constrained to football-related fights and organised hooligan battles. However, the war in Ukraine has demonstrated what the HHK views as a Russian fascist military invasion. In response, the ultra group took up arms and headed to the frontline of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

The HHK’s current objectives are simple — eliminate and kill Russian invaders. Its main objective is to defend Ukrainian territory from further Russian advances.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February 2022, the HHK assembled a ‘Resistance Committee’ (also known as ‘The Black Headquarters’). This battalion is composed of anti-authoritarian, anarchist, and anti-fascist fighters from Belarus, Ukraine, and even Russia.

The Resistance Committee (and hence the HHK) earns a significant part of its supplies and support from ‘Operation Solidarity’, a grassroots humanitarian organisation which — amongst other objectives — helps anti-authoritarian fighters during the war.

The HHK and the Resistance Committee’s approach to resistance is primarily military. However, the organisation also releases public statements pressuring governments and institutions. The video above, for instance, shows anarchist members of the Resistance Committee denouncing the Russian occupation and Belarus’ cooperation. Moreover, the HHK has also protested to show their support for Belorussian democratic protestors.

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