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Welcome to The Modern Insurgent's interactive atlas of insurgencies and political movements from all around the globe. The atlas is simple - press the play button, click on any region, and discover its political struggle. Scroll down to find out more.

Actually, the history of anti-government partisan groups in Modern Russia-7.png


'Red Groups' are armed and/or violent.

'Blue Groups' are non-violent and usually focus on political activism rather than armed militancy.

'Green Groups' are ambiguously inactive. They have either disappeared or splintered in recent years.

'Pink Groups' are hacktivist organisations which employ modern and digital approaches to resistance.

The size of a group on the Atlas is determined by its regional influence and its membership size.

Our Atlas should not be interpreted as a tool to judge the safety of travel to a certain location. Our Atlas pinpoints the estimated active territories of insurgencies around the world.


The Atlas of Modern Insurgency is a curated visualisation of the our database. The Atlas aims to facilitate the discovery of contemporary political movements worldwide by enabling users to navigate our map and find each region's respective struggle.


Each movement has been thoroughly researched, reviewed, and edited by the Modern Insurgent Team which prioritises impartiality and emphasises written quality. You can find out more about our internal guidelines and journalistic framework here.

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