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Andahuaylazo Etnocaceritas

The Andahuaylazo Etnocaceritas were an ultra-nationalist ethnic insurgency group which fought for the resignation of Alejandro Toledo (former Peruvian president). Between the 1st and 4th of January 2005, retired military general Antauro Humala led 150 armed insurgents towards an attempted coup d’état.

On the 1st of January 2005, the Andahuaylazos captured the police station in Andahuaylas . The insurgency labelled the government structure as oppressive and undemocratic and it prioritised the enforcement of indigenous rights. The killing of the four officers on the 2nd of January led to the intervention of the Peruvian military and the consequent arrest of Auntaro Humala. This essentially put a stop to the 2005 insurgency.

Nonetheless, the Andahuaylazos were heavily supported by the local population of the Andahuaylas and various sub-groups of the Etnocaceritas have been founded since. The 2005 uprising had earned a lot of support from locals, who even joined the insurgents in the streets. The struggle for indigenous rights persists under a similar ideology to that of the Andahuaylazo insurgency.

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