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Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Collaboration with Meridian News

Just yesterday in Ecuador, the federal government and the CONAIE found an agreement in order to end the 18-day long violence-filled riots. These agreements have marked the start of a 90-day dialogue between both parties. The recent protests have led to the death of 4 people due to clashes between police and protestors and have frozen the country’s domestic affairs.

The CONAIE is the largest and most influential indigenous rights organisation in Ecuador. The confederation represents 14 native populations and pursues social justice and social change through the advocation of indigenous rights. Unlike some other emancipation groups, however, the CONAIE has a history of using direct action and popular uprisings to pressure the federal government. CONAIE is renowned for its blockades of commercial infrastructure and its seizures of government buildings.

On more political grounds, CONAIE proclaims in favour of the recuperation of land rights, environmental sustainability, and a strict opposition to neoliberal ideology — particularly a fierce rejection of US military involvement in South America. The recent protests have risen due to deals made between the Ecuadorian government and polluting transnational corporations. CONAIE’s current discussions with the government seek reductions in oil prices, as well as the closing of oil and mining projects within protected lands. The Ecuadorian government is facing extreme pressure as its oil production continues to be stalled by the confederation.

NOTE: This article will be updated soon.


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