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Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP)

Collaboration with Renegade Journal

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party is an underground Hoxhaist communist party in Turkey which was founded in 1994. Among internationalists, the MLKP is mostly renowned for its involvement in the Rojava conflict ever since 2012. The MLKP is designated as an active terrorist organisation by the Turkish state — a highly subjective and politically-motivated accusation which has little, if any, credible foundations.

The MLKP has been sending volunteers to Syria to fight alongside the People's Protection Units (YPG) of Roiava Kurdistan since 2012. There have been four confirmed casualties of MLKP fighters during battles against Daesh and the Turkish state. There have also been an abundance of MLKP fighters within the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and fighting in Ezidxan in defence of the Yezidi minority of Siniar.

According to Garbis Altinoglu (a respected Armenian Marxist-Leninist), the MLKP has failed to draw in the large amount of support it could have potentially attained. This relative failure comes from its perceivably ineffective approach of denouncing specific structures of coercion in the Turkish state — such as the MLKP's frequent (broad and unspecific) reference of Türkiye as a “country of petty bourgeoisie". Altinoglu highlights that such an approach has made the group seem reactionary to the general Turkish population. "This way of putting things [Altinoglu elaborates] was totally irrelevant and anti-Marxist; it was a reflection of the MLKP leadership's innate tendency to underestimate the role, strength and priority of the working class.”

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