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North Korean People’s Liberation Front (NKPLF)

The North Korean People's Liberation Front is a paramilitary North Korean organisation led and organised by defectors. The group is primarily composed of members who defected from the Korean People's Army, and it plans to overthrow the North Korean government. The NKPLF is based in Seoul, in South Korea.

The NKPLF has long planned to offer armed support to North Koreans in order to orchestrate an uprising against the dictatorial regime. However, such concrete action has not yet been achieved, and most of the NKPLF’s activities have revolver around information warfare. For instance, the group has already conducted balloon drops to deliver candy, p0rn0graphy, and even descriptions of the outside world to North Koreans. Initially, these balloon drops were also conducted by the South Korean government until developments in the Sunshine Policy. Now, these drops are only conducted by defector groups like the NKPLF or human rights activists.

Interestingly, the NKPLF also works emphasises its willingness to cooperate with NGOs and the South Korean military. In addition to petitioning to join the military, the group has also repeatedly smuggled North Korean propaganda and classified information out of the country, in an attempt to inform other stakeholders of the dictatorship’s objectives and plans. In 2010, for example, the NKPLF uncovered the North Korean National Security Council’s intentions to disrupt the G20 summit in Seoul.

The NGO Free North Korea Radio has collaborated with the NKPLF’s defectors on numerous occasions, and the group used the platform in 2012 to outline their plan to launch a political party.

In addition to the balloon drops, the NKPLF’s approach to resistance also involved the smuggling of banned media. For instance, the group has also snuck in theatre plays where the Kim family is executed by firing squads. In 2014, the NKPLF sent 6000 laptops to the country, as well as 800 copies of the movie “The Interview” in 2015.

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