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National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF)

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) (occasionally referred to as the Second Resistance) is a military alliance between former fighters of the Northern Alliance and various other anti-Taliban groups. These groups — all contemporarily allied to the NRF — are loyal to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and heavily oppose Taliban rule.

The NRF used to have de facto control over the Panjshir Valley (the vast majority of the Panjshir Province). This region was known as the only region within Afghanistan which had not fallen in the hands of the Taliban. In early September 2021, however, the Taliban claimed victory in the Panjshir Province, stating that they had ousted the NRF from it — both politically and militarily. Nonetheless, the NRF continuously denies the Taliban victory and emphasises their continuous presence in the valley.

The NRF alliance is the only organized and legitimate resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan. The anti-Taliban group has shown signs of undergoing a guerrilla struggle. The resistance has repeatedly proclaimed in favour of an inclusive government within Afghanistan and prioritises social justice. Their current primary objective is rumoured to involve recognition and influence within the new Afghan government.

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